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Summer in Daecheon

On a typical summer day in the beaches of Daecheon in the city of Boryeong, Koreans will be seen playing soccer. Others will be bathing in the beautiful and warm blue waters of the Yellow Sea.

The white sand and wonderful atmosphere of an island paradise allow for a great summer getaway where one can enjoy the company of family and friends. In addition, there is a limitless supply of delicious fresh seafood.

However, for one week in the month of July every year, the small holiday town of Boryeong turns into a crazy and fun-filled fiesta where people go nuts – with nothing else but mud.

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What’s Good about the Mud

The mud at the Daecheon Beach during the Boryeong is said to be good for the skin. It brings a lot of healthful benefits such as making the skin tighter and firmer, leaving a person feel invigorated or refreshed…more beautiful actual with a new glow.

I go crazy playing at the mud and at the same time get to beautify myself. Crazy huh?The mud also strips skin of old and dead skin cells. Not only do I get the chance to be like a kid again and go crazy in the mud, I also subconsciously take care of my skin as I get carried away by the mud.

Boryeong Attracts Foreigners

Kilometers of coastline filled with mud attract foreigners all over the world. Locals believe that the mud is rich with minerals that are actually good for the skin. Scientists conclude that it is indeed the minerals in the mud which make good cosmetic products.

It is for this reason that truck loads of very thin mud which looks a lot chocolate syrup are transported to the center of Boryeong for the annual mud festival.

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